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This Bike Climbed Mt. Washington   Leave a comment

That’s what the bumper sticker says on the fuel tank. And it looks like this Harley Davidson has seen quite a bit of road in its lifetime. Photographed in Branford, CT.

Harley Davidson


Montana Junk Yard   4 comments

On the way from Bozeman to Missoula, near Phillipsburg, I  came across a junk yard full of cars and old mining machinery.

Antique Chrysler wreck

Antique Chevrolet

Antique Truck Wreck

Antique Truck Detail

Canon PowerShot G12

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Faster, Higher, Bigger   3 comments

I had the privilege of seeing last week, from my window, three icons of modern day transportation lined up next to each other: The Concorde (fastest passenger jet ever), the  Space Shuttle (highest altitude orbital space craft ever), and the Queen Mary 2 (largest Ocean Liner* ever built):

Concorde, Space Shuttle and Queen Mary 2 next to each other on Manhattan's Hudson River bank

The Space Shuttle is on the deck of the aircraft carrier (now museum) Intrepid, while the Concorde is on a pier right next to it, in between the Space Shuttle and the Queen Mary 2.


Canon EOS 7D, EF-S 10-22mm
ISO 400

*There are now some cruise ships that are bigger than the Queen Mary 2, but she remains the largest Ocean Liner (a vessel that has a set route between two ports – in this case Southampton and New York – and is built to withstand rough seas).


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Where cars go to party in New York City   2 comments

I took these shots while walking through my neighborhood in the evening, struck by the fact that these sights are pretty rare in Manhattan.

Shot with Canon Powershot G12
ISO 400
multiple exposures

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