Vintage Steam Train Details   21 comments

A visit to the Essex Steam Train depot yielded some interesting photo opportunities.

Little Red Pipe Faucet

Bolt, cross-processed

Here are a few more. Click on any picture to see them in slideshow format:

21 responses to “Vintage Steam Train Details

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  1. Great series! The HDR treatment works really well to bring out the interesting details and textures. Very well done!

  2. love the detail and color. great shots

  3. Nice shots – seeing the detail in the (much) bigger picture is a real art.

  4. What HDR program do you use? The detail is incredible.

  5. Amazing series.

  6. Really nice! Love the contrast and color detail.

  7. These are some wicked colors you got here 🙂

  8. Great eye to see the contours, details and colors, and capturing them so well.

  9. Wow! These shots are stunning not only for the detail but the color. They’re beautiful!

  10. Love these images and what you did with these trains.

  11. These are just amazing! I love the coloring and the detail!(:

  12. These are fantastic Lutz! The depth of colours, varying perspectives and clarity are just exquisite! And I love anything rusty! 🙂

  13. You clearly have a great eye for detail, these shots are great! I love the vibrancy you’ve given to the images, it works really well. Nice work 🙂

  14. Wow, these are great. That’s what I like about other photographers. I always learn from them!

  15. nice work.

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