Burned-out Factory   9 comments

I discovered an abandoned factory building in Bridgeport, CT, that offered some good opportunities for HDR photography and playing around with various filters.

Bridgeport, CT Factory

Here are a few more shots – click on any one of them to see them in slideshow format.

9 responses to “Burned-out Factory

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  1. I love places like this, you have done a fantastic job with photographing it.

  2. Awesome shots!!

  3. Great shots – I too am drawn to decay (especially urban decay) – As I am located in CT could you give me location? If you do not want to post here, you may email me directly at: robert@digital-infrared.com
    I think this would be good for some IR shooting…Thanks!

  4. Wow…nice find and wonderful shots. Congratz!

  5. Very cool. I love old industrial sites.

  6. great pictures

  7. Wow. the B&W shot of the stack is really … stark, for lack of a better word. It looks surreal, like a scene from a video game. It really leaves an impression.

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