Amsterdam at Night   9 comments

I had the pleasure of having a professional photographer named Tom show me around Amsterdam at night, and teach me about night photography. I arranged it through Photo tours of Amsterdam, and was extremely happy with the tour, which lasted from 10:15pm (when it was still light out) until 1:45am. I can highly recommend it. Here are some samples from that night’s work. Click on any one picture to see them in slideshow format.

9 responses to “Amsterdam at Night

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  1. Great shots, I used a photo guide in Bali, they’re worth every penny.

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  3. What great photos! I’d never before heard of a photo guide–but the idea is brilliant. Your results certainly speak for the value of retaining such a guide.

  4. Amsterdam at Night is very pretty. Thanks for stopping by again and the like of my post “Same Flower – Different Angles”.

  5. Fantastic Night Shots!!

  6. Love night photography! These are lovely!

  7. Beautiful, especially that last one with the bikes in the foreground. This was your first time with night photography? Well, you’ve blown me out of the water!

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