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Icicles in the air   Leave a comment

It’s just cold enough that the rain freezes instantaneously – time to bundle up in front of the fireplace and not leave the house!

Posted February 4, 2018 by Lutz Braum in Black&White, Macro, Nature

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Spirals   Leave a comment

I love how nature creates wonderful geometry:



Posted November 26, 2017 by Lutz Braum in Macro, Nature

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Craters on Mars!   Leave a comment

Actually, they are barnacles on a shell, but if you squint a little it could pass for an astounding astronomical photograph…

Posted May 31, 2017 by Lutz Braum in Nature

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Thorny close-ups   4 comments

I  played around with macro photography to get some close-ups of this wintry remnant of a thistle in our backyard. Click on any picture to see them in slideshow format.

Canon 5D Mark II, 100mm macro lens

Posted January 28, 2017 by Lutz Braum in Black&White, Macro

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Playing with pinhole photography   2 comments

Shot these with the Hipstamatic pinhole lens – works great on small objects!

2016-07-01 17.39.33


2016-07-01 17.40.56

iphone, Hipstamatic app

Posted July 3, 2016 by Lutz Braum in Black&White, Macro, Nature

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Cacti Heaven   1 comment

A visit to the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix provides some great opportunities for black&white shots. Click on any pic to view them in full-screen slide show format.


iphone, Hipstamatic
ISO: 32
1/580 sec
lens: John S
Film: BlackKeys B+W

Posted December 19, 2015 by Lutz Braum in Black&White, Macro, Nature, US

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Still Life of Milk Weed and Bug   Leave a comment

No need for further description:



Canon 5D Mark II, 24-70mm lens
ISO 100
1/2000 sec

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