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Museum Abstractions   Leave a comment

Staircase, pedestrian tunnel, and roof at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC.

Posted December 4, 2016 by Lutz Braum in Architecture, Black&White, US

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New View of Washington Monument   1 comment

New view because the National Museum of African American History and Culture is now on the Mall, adding some interesting lines to Washington, DC’s architecture.

Washington Monument and African American Museum

Canon Powershot G12
ISO 100
1/250 sec

First Snow   Leave a comment

It snowed on Thanksgiving in DC. Here’s a view from the porch:

Snowy Tree


Canon Powershot G12
ISO 100
1/13 sec

Posted December 6, 2014 by Lutz Braum in Landscapes

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DC Impressions   Leave a comment

A quick business trip to Washington DC provided only a few occasions for snapshots while walking past the Capitol:



Capitol Blurred


Capitol Tourists


iphone, Hipstamatic

From Union Station to Union Station on Amtrak 172   1 comment

This ride from Washington, DC to New Haven, CT on Amtrak will leave you thinking that all of America consists of refineries, construction sites, abandoned factories, parking lots and water towers. Nevertheless, I was fascinated by what whizzed by my window. Click on any picture to view in slide show format.

Spartan Warriors   2 comments

My son and his buddy after finishing the Spartan Sprint in Washougal, WA. One hour and forty minutes of running, jumping, and crawling through mud! I did this race with them as a last hurrah before they go to college in a few weeks.

Spartan Race survivors

B&W conversion with Nik Silver Efex

Posted August 16, 2013 by Lutz Braum in Black&White, People, US

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Cherry Blossom Season   2 comments

A brief trip to Washington, DC, gave me a chance to see the famous Cherry Blossom Season:

Jefferson Memorial and Cherry Blossoms

Jefferson Memorial

Cherry Blossoms in Washington

Cherry Blossoms and Washington Memorial

Martin Luther King Memorial

Moonrise over Mt. Rainier   Leave a comment

I was lucky to be flying to Seattle at the right time and sitting on the right side of the plane:

Mt Rainier Moonrise

Posted April 13, 2013 by Lutz Braum in Landscapes, US

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Don Quijote’s Nightmare   4 comments

These windmills look pretty indestructible to me, and are about 20 times bigger than an old-fashioned windmill.

I’ve started using Nik Color Efex to enhance some of my photos. This is a good example what that software can do for a mediocre picture (original below):

Windmills over Washington

Windmills original

Canon EOS 7D, EF-S 15-85mm
ISO 100
1/800 sec

Wild Cascade River   Leave a comment

Wallace Falls State Park, Washington

Canon PowerShot G12
ISO 100
.4 sec
1 stop underexposed

Posted February 5, 2012 by Lutz Braum in Black&White, Landscapes, US

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Double Waterfall in the Cascades   1 comment

Wallace Falls State Park – taken on Feb 5, an unusually gorgeous and warm day.

Canon PowerShot G12
ISO 100

Posted February 5, 2012 by Lutz Braum in Landscapes

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Mt. Rainier Sunset   Leave a comment

This photo was taken the evening before our ascent to the top of Mt.Rainier, from our base camp.

Fuji FinePix F10
ISO 100
1/100 sec

Posted January 17, 2011 by Lutz Braum in Landscapes, Travel, US

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