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Indian countryside   1 comment

As seen out the door of the train I took to Mysore. Unlike trains in the US or Europe, in India one can open the doors while the train is moving and get some fresh air (and better pictures than through a smudged train window).




India farmland

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All aboard!   Leave a comment

Captured at the Bangalore train station:


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Bangalore Station   Leave a comment

Captured while waiting for my train to Mysore:






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Street life of India   Leave a comment

Vivid colors are everywhere in India, even among the poorest. Captured in Delhi and Bangalore. Click on any image to see them all in slideshow format.

Cows and elephants in Bangalore   Leave a comment

While cows are easily spotted on Bangalore’s streets, the only elephants I saw were Ganesh figures on taxis’ dashboards.

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