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I had the privilege of seeing last week, from my window, three icons of modern day transportation lined up next to each other: The Concorde (fastest passenger jet ever), the  Space Shuttle (highest altitude orbital space craft ever), and the Queen Mary 2 (largest Ocean Liner* ever built):

Concorde, Space Shuttle and Queen Mary 2 next to each other on Manhattan's Hudson River bank

The Space Shuttle is on the deck of the aircraft carrier (now museum) Intrepid, while the Concorde is on a pier right next to it, in between the Space Shuttle and the Queen Mary 2.


Canon EOS 7D, EF-S 10-22mm
ISO 400

*There are now some cruise ships that are bigger than the Queen Mary 2, but she remains the largest Ocean Liner (a vessel that has a set route between two ports – in this case Southampton and New York – and is built to withstand rough seas).


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  1. This is an amazing shot. Sell it! We sent my Dad for a flight on concorde for his 60th birthday – he LOVED it – having been an aircraft engineer in his youth at Vickers, it was one of the best experiences of his life – it was a beautiful ‘plane. Can’t believe they were all there side by side – and that you caught it on camera to share!

  2. A very interesting shot – I was aboard P&O Arcadia at Pier 88 in late September and visited Intrepid. At the time the Space Shuttle was under a canopy – was it lost to hurricane Sandy?

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