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Discovered some cool pictures my dad took when he was in London in the 1950s, so I had them scanned, then cleaned them up a little with Aperture, and thought I’d share them:

Trafalgar Square




Downtown London




Big Ben


Posted June 1, 2013 by Lutz Braum in Europe, Travel

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4 responses to “Vintage London

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  1. Beautiful. It takes me back. Not to my 1950’s, since I didn’t have any. To the 1950’s I’ve read about in various books, or heard people talk about. Your pictures capture the ‘energy’ of what I have imagined. Would love to see more!

    • Unfortunately these are the only surviving pictures from that time. A poor waiter in his 20s didn’t have much money for photography. Just think about what a treasure trove Alex will have when Alex gets his hands on my pictures 30 years from now.

  2. Amazing photos! These are some priceless gems, I hope my parents took some more photos of their old days, nothing else preserved the moment of yesterday better than these!

  3. Lovely pictures, although you would find very few pigeons in Trafalgar Square these days.

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