Fossils Making Out on the Beach   3 comments

I was lucky enough to catch the one day when Horseshoe Crabs come to our town beach to mate. There were at least 15 pairs of these ‘living fossils’ (so-called by Charles Darwin because they look just like their fossilized ancestors) horsing around (pardon the pun) in the shallow water.


Horseshoe crabs at sunset

Horseshoe crabs getting it on

Horseshoe crabs mating

Camera: Canon EOS 7D, 100mm macro lens

Posted May 31, 2013 by Lutz Braum in Animals, Macro, US

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3 responses to “Fossils Making Out on the Beach

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  1. I had never heard, nor seen images, of these strange creatures until just recently. They live up to their name and nick-name!! Great pics – thanks for sharing!!

  2. That’s cool content, and a cool capture of the content!\

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