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Winter Frost is Here!   4 comments

These pictures don’t need an explanation: It’s COLD!

Frosted Leaf

Frosted Branch

Canon 7D, 24-7-mm f/2.8L
ISO 100
1/250 sec

First Snow   3 comments

On our way to Vermont:



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Early Morning at the Marina   Leave a comment

I came across this peaceful scene on a recent early morning while walking the dog:

Boats in misty morning weather

Canon EOS 7D, 70-200mm
ISO 100
1/200 sec

Morning Mist   Leave a comment

A misty morning greeted me while walking the dog:

Morning Mist

Canon EOS 7D
ISO 320
1/60 sec

Giant Winter Tree   1 comment

This tree has a commanding presence in our neighborhood. Can’t wait for the leaves to return this spring.


Winter Tree

iphone Hipstamatic, adjusted with Snapseed

Posted April 4, 2013 by Lutz Braum in Landscapes

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Winter Wonderland along the Highway   1 comment

Winter wonderland along I-89  in Vermont:

Snow covered tree along highway

Canon EOS 7D, EF 24-70mm f/2.8L
ISO 100
1/60 sec

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Good Morning, Frost   3 comments

I can handle the cold when it’s nice and sunny (because you get nice pictures like these at sunrise):

Frosted Branches

Canon EOS 7D, EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro
ISO 100
1/400 sec

Posted March 30, 2013 by Lutz Braum in Landscapes, Macro

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Last Glimpse of a Beautiful Winter   6 comments

A few shots from my last day of skiing, using my iPhone:

Snow-covered Tree in Vermont

Snow-covered Trees in Vermont


Last ski run of the day:Last Ski Run of the Day


Goodbye, Lovely Vermont   1 comment

Tomorrow ends my last winter visit to Stowe, VT. Haven’t taken too many pictures lately because I feel like I’ve exhausted the possibilities, and because skiing has taken precedence. But here are a few that I liked from this week:

Footsteps in the snow

Stowe Panorama

Pine Tree from above

Frozen Waterfall


The Oldest Ski Patrol in the US   Leave a comment

Is on Mt. Mansfield, near Stowe, VT. Here’s what it looked like on a recent winter day:

Mt Mansfield Vermont

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Skylark and Nemo   1 comment

Our dog LOVED all the snow that came down as a result of storm Nemo:

Skylark and Nemo

Posted February 27, 2013 by Lutz Braum in Animals, Landscapes

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Winter Gazebo   2 comments

I pass this gazebo every time I walk our dog through the woods of Vermont. Finally I’ve taken a picture of it that I like:

Snow covered Gazebo in Vermont Forest

Canon EOS 7D, EF 24-70mm
ISO 100
1/100 sec

New Snow in Vermont   1 comment

We didn’t get as much as snow as CT (32 inches/80cm!), but still got nice fluffy snow that blanketed everything:

New Snow in Vermont

Snowy Birch Tree in Vermont

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Red Barns of Vermont   3 comments

This color is ubiquitous in Vermont and really stands out,  especially in the snow.

Red Barn in Vermont

Red Barn in VT

Red Barn and Tree

iphone Hipstamatic

Posted February 1, 2013 by Lutz Braum in Landscapes, US

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Ice Flowers   Leave a comment

At -20 degrees at night in Vermont, the windows get nicely frosted. Brrrr!  Ice flowers are  less common these days, since everyone now has double-paned windows, where these formations rarely show up. These were on a single-paned garage window.

Frosted Window

Canon EOS 7D, 100mm  f/2.8 Macro Lens
ISO 200

Posted January 28, 2013 by Lutz Braum in Macro, US

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Winter Beach Panoramas   Leave a comment

It’s now so cold that the saltwater is freezing, leaving interesting ice formations on the beach at low tide.

Frozen Beach Panorama

Low Tide Treasure

Frozen Beach Rocks

Canon EOS 7D, 28-70mm

Winter Dreams   1 comment

Visions of Vermont snow are always on my mind these days:

Frozen Waterfall

Snowy Trees

Snowy Trees and Slopes

iphone Hipstamatic
lens: Tinto 1884
film: Claunch 72 Monochrome

Evening Light   Leave a comment

Caught this next to St. John’s Cathedral in New York.

Light post in New York

iphone Hipstamatic
lens: John S
film: Ina’s 1969

Posted January 20, 2013 by Lutz Braum in Landscapes, New York, Things

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Winter Forest Colors   Leave a comment

Vermont forest in winter – even now there are lots of colors in the forest.

Vermont Winter Forest

This one was a double exposure experiment:

Vermont Forest Double Exposure

iphone Hipstamatic
lens: Helga Viking
film: Kodot XGrizzled

Snow Cone   Leave a comment

I didn’t taste it, but it looked exquisite to me:

Snow on small flower in Vermont

Canon EOS 7D, EF 24-70mm
ISO 100
1/800 sec

The Red House in the Snow   4 comments

Spotted this lovely barn on a walk through the snowy forest in Vermont:

Red House in the Snow

Canon EOS 7D
ISO 200

Posted January 10, 2013 by Lutz Braum in Architecture, Landscapes, Travel, US

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Heading Home   3 comments

These geese were making a few passes over the field behind our house during sunrise, and then they disappeared beyond the horizon. Hope they found a warm place to set down.

Geese heading home

iphone Hipstamatic, Jane lens, Ina’s 1969

Winter Wonderland – Vermont   5 comments

The frosted forests of Vermont would have made the perfect setting for the ice princess in the Chronicles of Narnia.

Frosted Trees in Vermont

Frosted Tree in Vermont

Stowe Winter Scene 1


All photos taken with iPhone Hipstamatic

Frosty Dog Walk   5 comments

Photos of a snowy morning walk in Vermont with our dog Skylark.

German Shepherd in deep snow

German Shepherd in Snow

Snow close-up

Posted December 28, 2012 by Lutz Braum in Black&White, Landscapes, Macro, US

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Christmas Season in Manhattan   3 comments

I love the festive mood that all of New York gets into before the holidays. It’s especially nice on a crisp, cold fall night. Here are a few of my favorite spots in mid-town. Happy Holidays!

Christmas Ornaments on 6th Ave

Cartier store in New York

Holiday Decorations in New York

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