Frosty Dog Walk   5 comments

Photos of a snowy morning walk in Vermont with our dog Skylark.

German Shepherd in deep snow

German Shepherd in Snow

Snow close-up

Posted December 28, 2012 by Lutz Braum in Black&White, Landscapes, Macro, US

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5 responses to “Frosty Dog Walk

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  1. That is too cute. The snow in Winnemucca tonight en route to Boise, Salt Lake City and Park City, is nowhere near as appealing!!!

  2. Now that is a winter wonderland… as I type, my ‘wonderland’ consists of cold and pissing rain. Not quite the frosty weather that skylark gets to bound about in. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Wow it looks like a fun walk.

  4. Skylark is soo cute with all that snow on her face, and the photo is so angelic!

  5. No animals were hurt in the making of these pictures…. Skylark LOVED the snow.

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