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Abandoned Amusement Park   Leave a comment

Captured at South of the Border truck stop. Sad that these rides were decommissioned, I’m sure at some point kids LOVED to stop here to enjoy the rides while parents got a break from the incessant ‘are we there yet?’ from the backseat. Click on any pic to see them in their full glory (i.e. slideshow format).

Abandoned gas station   6 comments

Found this abandoned gas station in Enfield, NC. Click on any picture to see them in slideshow format.


Canon 5D Mark II, 16-35mm

Posted May 7, 2017 by Lutz Braum in Architecture, US

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Virginia City, Montana   11 comments

My son and I visited this old mining town recently. Founded in 1863, it was the capital of the Territory of Montana for 10 years. During that time, miners extracted over $90M ($40B in today’s dollars) of gold in the area, and the city housed about 10,000 people. Now its population is down to 132.

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