Fishing at sunset   7 comments

A quiet Sunday afternoon at Clinton Beach – hopefully the start of the warm weather season. 

iPhone, edited with Snapseed

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Morning Walk   Leave a comment

Spotted these two forest denizens on a recent walk though the morning mist. 

iPhone, edited in Snapseed

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Craters on Mars!   Leave a comment

Actually, they are barnacles on a shell, but if you squint a little it could pass for an astounding astronomical photograph…

Posted May 31, 2017 by Lutz Braum in Nature

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Stormy Skies   Leave a comment

3 views of stormy weather while driving through the countryside.

Beach Impressions   1 comment

Shot at Clinton Beach:


iPhone, Hipstamatic app

Flying towards sunset   Leave a comment

Captured last night at Clinton Beach:


iPhone, edited in Lightroom

Posted May 19, 2017 by Lutz Braum in Connecticut, Landscapes

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Abandoned Amusement Park   Leave a comment

Captured at South of the Border truck stop. Sad that these rides were decommissioned, I’m sure at some point kids LOVED to stop here to enjoy the rides while parents got a break from the incessant ‘are we there yet?’ from the backseat. Click on any pic to see them in their full glory (i.e. slideshow format).

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