Winter in Yellowstone   9 comments

Arrived in Montana and took a drive through parts of Yellowstone before arriving at Big Sky today. -15F (-26C)!

Family of Elk

This gang of elk didn’t mind the cold.


9 responses to “Winter in Yellowstone

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  1. Outstanding!

  2. Beautiful. Love the first shot!

  3. I love the way the elk are staring at you. Did you have to walk far to get the photo?

  4. Pretty!

  5. Wonderful winter landscape. Have only shot Yellowstone in the summer — and it snowed then– must be difficult in the cold to get such great shots, Lutz. Nice job.

  6. The 1st shot is a corker!

  7. Great shot – I’d be out in that cold too!

  8. I definitely want to be there in winter one day

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