Winchester Rifle Factory – Interior   11 comments

This is the second batch of photos I took at the abandoned Winchester Rifle factory in New Haven. A sunny day provided excellent lighting inside. Click on any picture to see them in slide show format.

Here is the previous post about the factory’s exterior.

11 responses to “Winchester Rifle Factory – Interior

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  1. Fantastic set of images. 3rd one down is my favorite. Huge fan of the windows reflecting in the shallow pools.

  2. The image with the crooked lifted flooring is my favourite! This feels like a perfect writing prompt image.

  3. What a place! Wonderful pictures! Third is my favorite, too.

  4. Very nice!

  5. It doesn’t look very high tech!?! Looks like an ideal location for a torture scene from a mob violence movie!!! I loved the very first one. Too sad it’s been allowed become so derelict.

  6. Oh wow! Brilliant Shots! Love, love, love them!

  7. This is stunning!

  8. It looks amazing! Great wide angle photography!

  9. Loved the interior pics. Noticed the hand-written sign in the background of one of the pics and thought it was pretty awesome that I actually own one of the vintage 12 gauge shotgun choke tube kits, complete with wrench in the red package just as described (I am an avid Winchester long gun collector). I can only come to the conclusion that the kit was either manufactured or packaged in that very room! Kinda neat how all the history comes together; really one of the most important places in the shaping of pioneer America. Would love to send you a pic of the kit if you have a destination/email that I could send it to.

    Nice work!

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