Best Antique Store in my World   4 comments

I’ve seen my share of antique stores in the US and Europe, and the Clinton Antique Center is at the top of MY list. Every time I walk in I lose myself for hours. The selection is excellent and changes quite frequently, so there are always new discoveries.

Cash Register

Click on any of these to see them in slide show view:

Canon 7D, 10-22mm lens
Edited with HDR Efex Pro

78 E. Main Street, Clinton, CT 06413
Google maps location

Posted July 27, 2013 by Lutz Braum in US

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4 responses to “Best Antique Store in my World

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  1. Whenever I go into these wonderful shops, I am overwhelmed and need a return visit in order to get any images worthwhile images.

    • Got any suggestions in your neck of the woods? I’d love to make a series out of this. Lots of little antique stores, and the crazy stuff they contain. Thanks for your comments!

      • I’d stay away from Woodbury – they are just too snooty. Waterbury has a few, I’ll have to see if they are still open (they come and go very quickly) – White River Junction in VT has a great old housing salvage shop…let me give it some thought.

  2. The place is an “aladin cave” the sellers are great people helpful and understand in antiques, Great place to come to marvelous variety

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