Night on Clinton Beach   4 comments

It was such a beautiful night after a day of 90 degrees that I went to the beach at midnight, only to finally look at my watch and realize I had spent 2 hours taking pictures and playing around with my flashlight.

Life guard chairs under the stars

Clinton Marina

Fun with my flashlight

Canon 7D
ISO 3200
30 sec

4 responses to “Night on Clinton Beach

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  1. Fun shots, shooting at night allows for so much creativity and these shots show it. Cheers!

  2. I have tried “writing” with light – it is not that easy…you sure did good!

  3. OMG – loooove these!  I want to send them to the town offices.  Let me figure out who to send them to.  xo  Jane


  4. Damn! You wrote the ‘Clinton’? … oh my, I could have so much fun with this! Nice shots!

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