Keep Children on a Leash at All Times   6 comments

Walking a child in Manhattan — much like walking a dog:

Small child on a leash

iphone, Hipstamatic

6 responses to “Keep Children on a Leash at All Times

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  1. Oh, my…

  2. This was actually quite popular where I came from some years back. I remember seeing a few “leashed” children every time I went to the mall.

  3. I used it with my son, but after a very short time I thought It wasn’t a good idea, then I just holded his hand.

  4. And please, clean up after your child…

  5. Your picture makes me smile. It brought back memories since that is how my mom took me places for a while.

  6. I used to think that children on leashes were simply barbaric, until I had my own feral-behaving son, then I often wished I had one…

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