The Spirit of Ecstasy   1 comment

On a walk through Brooklyn I found a parked Rolls Royce (yes, parked and unattended!) and had fun experimenting with some close-up photography of the hood ornament, called ‘Spirit of Ecstacy’ , designed in 1911. Here are a few of my favorite takes.

Rolls Royce Hood Ornament in Antique B&W

High Contrast version of Rolls Royce Hood Ornament

Rolls Royce Hood Ornament in Green

Frontal image of Rolls Royce Ornament

Original of Rolls Royce Hood Ornament

All images shot with Canon EOS 7D, 100mm macro lens

Posted September 9, 2012 by Lutz Braum in Black&White, Things

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  1. We had a Silver Shadow when I was growing up and I remember as a kid thinking she was beautiful – now I know her name, I think she is even more beautiful! Great shots – you captured her “spirit” exactly!

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