Long Island Rail Station   1 comment

Felt Edward Hopper-like when I saw this scene looking out of my train window on my way to Manhattan.

Shot with iphone 4S

Posted October 20, 2011 by Lutz Braum in New York

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One response to “Long Island Rail Station

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  1. Nice!

    Though… I mean… don’t get me wrong. But with ‘enhanced Aperture and Nik HDR Efx Pro’ which sounds real schmancy and professional like… what did it really look like? Was the pink really that hot? The yellow that bright?

    And with all that fancy tech, what could you do with that couple smooching? You’ve got a little Doisneau going on with your Hopper… but being the voyeur I am, would love to see it more.

    What ya doin’ in Manhattan?

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