On the Oregon Trail   3 comments

Caught this wagon while passing through a little town in Oregon. First time playing around with HDR software to enhance the photo.

Canon EOS 7D, EFS10-22mm
ISO 250
3 exposures combined with HDR Efex

Posted July 25, 2011 by Lutz Braum in Landscapes, Travel, US

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3 responses to “On the Oregon Trail

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  1. Damn. Now that is a gorgeous picture! What is an HDR, and is playing around with it safe? Moral?


    Put a new picture up on the screen saver of my mac of a sunset with with a brilliant orange sky… it’s a nice picture if I day say so myself. Took it while I was in Morocco a number of years ago. Megan saw it and said “Wow, that’s beautiful! Where was Lutz when he took that?”. Can you believe that? Man. Women!


  2. Great capture, and good processing the HDR. Many over do it.

  3. Was having coffee with Megan this morning and we looked at your recent Fall picture… then she said to me: “What’s your favorite Lutz” picture…” and I instantly thought of this one. She said… and I quote: “Wowww. That is amazing”. We both agreed you’re quite the fotog. Keep it up!

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