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The Tiny Streets of Bruges   7 comments

Bruges is full of small streets, unexpected views, and gorgeous canal scenes. It’s definitely my favorite small city in Europe. Plus, the chocolate and fries are to die for.


Sleeping in Paris   5 comments

I caught these folks napping in the same park in Paris – I guess the afternoon sunshine made everyone a bit sleepy. Wish it were that warm here, now…

Sleepy man

Sleepy tourists

Paris Nightlife   1 comment

I am always enchanted by the many cafes in Paris, especially the neon signs at night. I’m going through my past photos, as the winter storm has kept me from taking new pictures.

Paris Bistro

Canon Powershot G12
ISO 400
1.3 sec

Ghostly Cemetery   Leave a comment

A long exposure in the cemetery Pere Lachaise in Paris produced a nice effect that was well-suited for this melancholy place.

Pere Lachaise

Canon Powershot G12
ISO 200
1 sec

Windmills 250 Years Apart   1 comment

You come across all kinds of windmills in Belgium – old ones from the mid 1700s to new ones towering over the freeway.

Modern Windmill

Bruges Windmill

Reflections of Flanders   2 comments

Shot these in Amsterdam and Bruges.





Belgian Chocolate is the Best   4 comments

Many country claim to make great chocolate (Switzerland, Germany, Italy), but none have as much variety as Belgium. Here are just 3 of the dozens of chocolate shop windows I drooled over in Bruges.

Chocolate Shop

Chocolate Shop

Chocolate Shop

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Bruges at Night   5 comments

Bruges is even more scenic at night (especially after a rain shower, as all the tourists have retreated to their hotels):

AT-AT Walkers Attack Holland!   2 comments

Actually, these were locks that control the flow in one of the many canals in the Netherlands. But from afar, I was reminded of the AT-AT Walkers from Star Wars (original below):

Locks in Holland


at-at walker

Amsterdam in Black and White   3 comments

Even in black and white, the city of Amsterdam is beautiful. Especially at night. Click on any one picture to see them in slideshow format.

Velomobile   2 comments

This guy won’t get wet when it rains in Amsterdam, but how he squeezes in there is a mystery to me. You can find out more at

Velomobile closeup

He didn’t seem to command much attention among the other bike riders:Velomobile large

Canon 7D
ISO 125
1/80 sec

Dutch Graffiti   2 comments

Amsterdam had some cool graffiti, these are just a few examples. Click on any picture to see them in slideshow format.

The Eye   2 comments

This film museum in Amsterdam opened in 2012, and is across the river from the Central Station. Great architecture!

Canon 7D
Google Location

Who Needs Strollers?   3 comments

I didn’t see any strollers in Amsterdam: Kids either walked with their parents or they were ferried around on bikes. And helmets? Didn’t see any of those, either. And pets of course got the same treatment. :)

Click on any image to see images in slide show format.

Amsterdam at Night   7 comments

I had the pleasure of having a professional photographer named Tom show me around Amsterdam at night, and teach me about night photography. I arranged it through Photo tours of Amsterdam, and was extremely happy with the tour, which lasted from 10:15pm (when it was still light out) until 1:45am. I can highly recommend it. Here are some samples from that night’s work. Click on any one picture to see them in slideshow format.

The World’s Capital of Cycling   1 comment

Amsterdam offered a great opportunity to practice panning, while enjoying the variety of bicycle riders. I’m not sure how romantic all this seems when it rains, but in the summer it is enchanting to see how everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) rides their bike. And no one bothers with helmets – how wonderfully nonchalant!

Click on any image to see them in slide show format.

My New Favorite Bakery   3 comments

This little bakery is called Hinkel and is in the ‘Altstadt’ (old town) of Düsseldorf, Germany, where I recently bought some delicious sweets. I wish I had enough room in my luggage to bring back some of that tasty bread. Here’s my last post on bakeries.


Hinkel Bakery

Hinkel Bread Assortment

German Bread

Canon 7D
Google Location


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Postcard from Bruges   2 comments

After a day of overcast skies, the sun finally managed to get through in the late afternoon, for a beautiful view of one of the many canals in this beautiful city.

Bruges Canal in Sunlight

Canon 7D
ISO 100
1/160 sec

Google Maps Location

The Cat Who Owns The Bar   Leave a comment

This cat certainly seemed to have the run of the house in the little Amsterdam bar I stopped in to inquire about the menu. Fortunately the weather was so nice that everyone sat outside, leaving her the interior.

Black Cat in a Bar

Canon 7D
ISO 320
1/100 sec

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Vintage London   4 comments

Discovered some cool pictures my dad took when he was in London in the 1950s, so I had them scanned, then cleaned them up a little with Aperture, and thought I’d share them:

Trafalgar Square




Downtown London




Big Ben


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My favorite Paris cafe   4 comments

Well, actually there are too many to list, but this one’s very nice: Au Rocher de Cancale in the Rue Montorgueil. Posted today because a new follower from Paris made me realize how much I miss it.

Canon Powershot G10
ISO 100
1/100 sec

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Berlin Train Station Platform   Leave a comment

As I waited for my commuter train to Potsdam, just outside of Berlin, I caught the train as it pulled into the station.

Canon Powershot G10
ISO 100
0.8 sec

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Evening along the Seine in Paris   Leave a comment

Paris has so many beautiful spots to relax and be romantic – this is one of my favorite ones.

Canon Powershot G10
ISO 200
1/125 seconds

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Berlin stroll   Leave a comment

A rainy night didn’t keep me from walking around Berlin earlier this year while on a business trip, and capturing this scene on one of the main avenues of Berlin: Unter den Linden.

Canon Powershot G10
ISO 200
1.0 seconds


Posted November 27, 2010 by Lutz Braum in Europe, Travel

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