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Last Day of Summer Camp   1 comment

Kids returning into the outstretched arms of parents at the end of a week at summer camp.


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A Dirty Welcome to New York   1 comment

Caught this ‘welcome committee’ at the international arrivals hall at JFK today.


Life in Rocinha Favela   2 comments

These are the last pictures I’ll post from my trip to Rio de Janeiro in June. This favela, with over 70,000 inhabitants, is now a neighborhood favela, featuring 4 schools and several hospitals. It houses many middle-class Brazilians who like the affordable living within one of South America’s largest metropolises. Click on any picture to see them in slideshow format.

When was the last time…   1 comment

…you saw someone using a pay phone? It’s been a while for me, so it struck me as worthy of a quick snapshot.


Favela Alleys   1 comment

The labyrinth of alleys in the Rocinho favela are best explored with someone who lives there. It’s easy to get lost. When in doubt, keep going downstairs, as eventually you’ll end up at the bottom of the hill where the favela ends. Click on any image to see them in slideshow format.

Children of the Favela   Leave a comment

We met these kids during our walk through the Rozinho favela in Rio last week. Click on any picture to see them in slideshow format.

Best World Cup Jersey   1 comment

Spotted on Copacabana Beach.



Canon 7D, 40mm f/2.8
ISO 100
1/50 sec

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World Cup Fever in the Favelas   1 comment

On a tour of the Rocinha favela in Rio we watched these boys showing off some amazing footwork with a beat-up football. Click on any one of them to see them in slideshow format.

All images shot with Canon 7D, 40mm f/2.8 lens

World Cup Fever – part 6   2 comments

The Brazilian fans are the best and happiest fans (maybe because their team keeps winning). These were from the Brazil-Cameroon game, caught in the Rio de Janeiro Fan Zone on Copacabana Beach.

World Cup Fever – part 5   Leave a comment

Yesterday we watched the Uruguay – Colombia match in the Maracana stadium on our last day in Rio. We drove to the stadium during the second half of the Brazil – Chile game, and the streets that are normally clogged with traffic were completely empty. We felt like we were in a Sci-Fi movie where we are the last survivors on earth. Very eery! But as a result, we got there in record time and were able to watch the penalty shoot-out of the Brazil game while sitting in the stadium with thousands of other fans who had arrived early. Since we had tickets in a Uruguay block, we decided to wear the Uruguay colors, but to no avail: Colombia won 2:0, one of the goals the best of the tournament. But we were glad that the game didn’t go into overtime, as we had to leave right at the end of 90 minutes to get to the airport and catch our flight back to New York. What a wonderful vacation it has been. More pictures from beautiful Rio to follow in other posts.


World Cup Fever – part 3   4 comments

No wonder Brazilians are great at soccer (futebol), they start early and on the beach, which is much harder than on grass. This kid was already delighting onlookers with impressive shooting skills.



Canon 7D, 40mm f/2.8
ISO 500
1/1000 sec

World Cup Fever – part 2   Leave a comment



This is what it looks like when the US scores (during Sunday’s game against Portugal). So glad they are through to the next stage, hopefully this will create more soccer fans in the US.








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Kite Surfing Acrobatics on Memorial Day   Leave a comment

These guys took advantage of the nice breeze in the afternoon, and I took advantage of the setting sun’s light to capture their acrobatics from the beach. Great way to conclude a relaxing holiday weekend. Click on any picture to view them in large format slide show.

Canon 7D, 70-200mm f/2.8L with 2x converter
Adjusted in Color Efex Pro 4.

Studio Lighting Session   1 comment

I attended a photography Meetup to learn more about studio photography, allowing me try out numerous techniques and learn more about the settings of my strobe.

Shooting for the Moon   Leave a comment

Evening play resumes as spring temperatures and late dusks return.

Girl playing basketball under full moon



Canon 7D
ISO 200
1/250 sec

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DC Impressions   Leave a comment

A quick business trip to Washington DC provided only a few occasions for snapshots while walking past the Capitol:



Capitol Blurred


Capitol Tourists


iphone, Hipstamatic

Sunday Morning Cartoon Bliss   2 comments

Cartoons on the iPad are much more compelling than those on TV, as I discovered when I observed these visiting kids lounging on our couch.



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Kaffeeklatsch   Leave a comment

‘Kaffeeklatsch is German for ‘chatting and gossiping over coffee with friends’, and it’s what I witnessed today at a coffee shop. These two ladies were truly enjoying the coffee and their conversation.

2 ladies chatting over coffee

Canon Powershot G12
ISO 800
1/10 sec
Edited with Silver Efex Pro

Winter Creatures in Montana   3 comments

This moose didn’t seem to be too concerned about me taking pictures. The other creatures actually enjoyed it (giving me some practice with action shots).

Moose eating

Snowboard jump

ski jump


Sleeping in Paris   5 comments

I caught these folks napping in the same park in Paris – I guess the afternoon sunshine made everyone a bit sleepy. Wish it were that warm here, now…

Sleepy man

Sleepy tourists

Soccer Mania   Leave a comment

I love going to the Sounders games in Seattle:  40,000+ fans, standing room only, flags flying, choruses echoing through the stadium, fireworks, and some pretty good soccer, too.

Panorama of Seattle Sounders Stadium


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Father & Son Moment on Metro North   1 comment

The dad seemed to enjoy the video more than his young son. Still, they were glued to the iphone for quite a while, oblivious to the rest of the world.

Father and son on train

iphone Hipstamatic
lens: John S.
film: Ina’s 1969

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Abandoned Factory Studio   10 comments

I took pictures in an old factory today, using it as a giant studio. Got to practice with lighting quite a bit. That’s why I look so pleased.

Man sitting in abandoned factory

Canon 7D, EFS 10-22mm
ISO 320
1/8 sec

And one in Sepia. Which one do you prefer?Factory Studio B&W

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Enjoying the Menu   1 comment

This lady clearly enjoyed checking the menu items at a local bookstore cafe.

woman checking the menu

edited with Snapseed

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Packed House at the US Open   Leave a comment

Despite rain delays, the stands were packed for the Federer match. Even people on the other court tried to get a peek of the match:

Ashe spectators watching Armstrong action

The stands were full to the very top:

Packed Bleachers at Armstrong Stadium

Standing room only:

Sunset over Armstrong Stadium

Rainy day at the US Open   1 comment

Spectators taking cover during a downpour at the US Open.


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Saturday Night Fever   1 comment

Caught a few couples showing off their moves at the local Fred Astaire Dance Studio.

Dancers in Dance Studio

ISO 125
1/20 sec

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Madonna and Margarita   4 comments

This scene reminded me of a Vermeer, who was an expert at taking a mundane subject (girl filling a jug, woman doing needlepoint) and making it look absolutely stunning. Caught in a local Mexican restaurant (which explains the skull in the background).

Woman checking email

iphone Hipstamatic
lens: Doris
film: Sussex
flash: off

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Spartan Warriors   2 comments

My son and his buddy after finishing the Spartan Sprint in Washougal, WA. One hour and forty minutes of running, jumping, and crawling through mud! I did this race with them as a last hurrah before they go to college in a few weeks.

Spartan Race survivors

B&W conversion with Nik Silver Efex

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Checking Email in the Wrong Place   1 comment

The sign is clearly telling her where to go…

And can you call it ‘Street Photography’ when you shoot indoors?

Woman checking email

Canon Powershot G12
ISO 200
1/6 sec

New York’s Finest Taking a Break   Leave a comment

NYPD officers at Dunkin Donuts at JFK airport, enjoying a cup of coffee while keeping us safe.


Shot with iPhone Hipstamatic

Watchyalookingat???   1 comment

Waiting for the bus with attitude. Caught in New York City, 41st Street.

Black woman waiting for the bus

iphone, Hipstamatic

Posted July 19, 2013 by Lutz Braum in People

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Dutch Street Photography   1 comment

Or, given that canals are just as good a means of transportation as streets in other cities, maybe I should call this post ‘canal photography.’ It was a warm and sunny day, so life spilled onto the sidewalk, stairways, and boats. Click any image to see them in slideshow format:

Velomobile   2 comments

This guy won’t get wet when it rains in Amsterdam, but how he squeezes in there is a mystery to me. You can find out more at

Velomobile closeup

He didn’t seem to command much attention among the other bike riders:Velomobile large

Canon 7D
ISO 125
1/80 sec

Newlyweds in Grand Central Terminal   2 comments

This couple chose the busiest place in New York to have their wedding photos taken. Romantic, yet very frustrating for the photographer who wanted no people in the background!

Newlyweds in Grand Central Terminal


Who Needs Strollers?   3 comments

I didn’t see any strollers in Amsterdam: Kids either walked with their parents or they were ferried around on bikes. And helmets? Didn’t see any of those, either. And pets of course got the same treatment. :)

Click on any image to see images in slide show format.

The World’s Capital of Cycling   1 comment

Amsterdam offered a great opportunity to practice panning, while enjoying the variety of bicycle riders. I’m not sure how romantic all this seems when it rains, but in the summer it is enchanting to see how everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) rides their bike. And no one bothers with helmets – how wonderfully nonchalant!

Click on any image to see them in slide show format.

Innocence, personified   Leave a comment

Would love to be able to find the parents of this little girl, so I can give them a picture of their beautiful daughter.

Little girl in red dress

Canon EOS 7D, 100mm macro lens
ISO 100
1/320 sec

Posted June 15, 2013 by Lutz Braum in People

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Keep Children on a Leash at All Times   6 comments

Walking a child in Manhattan — much like walking a dog:

Small child on a leash

iphone, Hipstamatic

Success!   Leave a comment

Or: Dinner!

Shot at sunset near our local beach:

Fisherman with fish

Canon EOS 7D, 100mm macro
ISO 100
1/60 sec

Jazz in Madison Park   2 comments

Sat in Madison Park yesterday before lunch, and enjoyed an impromptu trumpet concerto while enjoying the warm weather and the view of the Flatiron Building, one of my favorite buildings in the world.

Jazz in Madison Park, NYC

Jazz in front of the Flatiron Building

iphone, Hipstamatic app


Scenes at an Airport   2 comments

Found a few interesting shots even in such humdrum environment as a small regional airport. These were taken in Eugene, OR:

Girl playing the violin at the airport

Airport garage

Airplane propeller

iphone Hipstamatic

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10 gallon hat and a pint of beer   4 comments

Caught in Salt Lake City airport bar. Where true cowboys still roam (Utah, that is, NOT the airport).


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The Ghost of Parking Meters   Leave a comment

Took this double exposure of my son and a parking meter in Missoula, MT:

Parking Meter Double Exposure

Shot with iphone Hipstamatic, lens: John S, film: Ina’s 1969

Posted March 6, 2013 by Lutz Braum in People, US

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San Francisco – not the usual tourist snapshots   3 comments

I was on just a quick visit to San Francisco last week, but it was still worthy of a few pictures. The first 3 are at the Wells Fargo Museum:

Wells Fargo Stage Coach

Old Adding Machine

Bank adding machine

A promotion on Union Square, with lots of pretty girls handing out balloons. Caught them during their photo shoot:

Pretty Girls on Union Square

Old-fashioned barber shop on Valencia Street:

Old Fashioned Barber Shop

All shot with iPhone, Hipstamatic app

Father and Son Lunch   1 comment

Caught these two having lunch at our local bookstore cafe:Father Son Lunchiphone Hipstamatic

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Indian Chief   2 comments

Another shot from the pow wow I attended in Montana, near Little Bighorn Battleground:

Indian Chief at pow-wow


Canon EOS  7D, EF 70-200mm
ISO 100
1/400 sec
B&W adjustment in Nik Silver Efex

Indian Head   2 comments

I photographed this gentleman at an Indian pow wow near Little Bighorn Battlefield in Montana:

Indian Head

Canon EOS 7D, EF 70-200mm
ISO 100
1/25 sec
B&W conversion in Nik Silver Efex

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Rushing to Work   Leave a comment

Caught while walking through New York, where nobody walks slow enough to get a shot that’s sharply focused. That’s New York: you blink and you miss it.

Rushing to Work

iphone Hipstamatic
lens: John S.
film: Ina’s 1969

Posted January 24, 2013 by Lutz Braum in New York, People

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Times Square Memories (part 3)   Leave a comment

Despite the cold weather, Times Square is teeming with tourists during the holiday season. These pictures are part of an ongoing project I’m having fun with: all the various ways people memorialize their visit to New York, and to Times Square specifically. The full series is in a gallery on my  photography site.


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